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Experience cannot be created overnight!

We believe it is important to know who you are dealing with when you engage with a company.

 Speedy demolition is a South Australian family business and the Director James Weaver has been demolishing for 25 years.  He is passionate about his football and horseracing and his reputation has been built on lots of hard work, honesty and integrity and he is known as being one of the best in the industry. He is very hands on from the initial quoting right through to keeping in contact with the clients to actually performing the demolition and removal procedures. He simply will just get the job done and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty!

Not only is the highly experienced and skilled but he is very avid about safety and the environment.



One thing you should look for when choosing a Demolition Company is what types of machinery and equipment they own and use
To ensure minimal disruption and delays we are equipped with the latest heavy earthmoving equipment, trucks and machinery and can handle any project, big or small


Speedy Demolition prides itself on its exceptional workplace safety standards ensuring total quality management of the job from the commencement right through to the completion.
Our priority is the safety of everyone who enters our sites, including our employees. We undertake regular reviews and strive to continually improve our policies and procedures.
Our company strives to prevent all injuries and illness through our leadership and training, ensuring that all jobs are maintained to the highest standards


Demolition companies can have a huge impact on the environment. Speedy Demolition is passionate about recycling materials and is fully committed to salvaging as many materials as possible.

Our materials are transported to our salvage yard and then sorted for reuse.

We sell to the public a range of materials that are salvaged from the buildings that we demolish from our standard building/renovation supplies including; old red bricks, pavers, besser blocks, iron sheeting, granite slabs, floorboards etc. to fittings and fixtures such as ceramic sinks and taps.

To our ever changing array of more eclectic, one off pieces including antique fireplaces, wood ovens and lead light windows....

Due to being a salvage yard, we cannot guarantee everything will be in stock at all times, but give us a call or come down and try your luck, you could very well find just what you are looking for!

You can find our salvage yard at 72 William Street, Beverley, SA 5009 Phone 0457 268 091